Waifu Uncovered

Waifu Uncovered Removed From eShop

Eastasiasoft’s 2D shoot ’em up game Waifu Uncovered has been removed from the Japanese Switch eShop due to insufficient censorship.

Please note that this post may be considered NSFW

The aim of Waifu Uncovered is to rescue eight beautiful maidens from a lethal alien virus that is infecting their clothes, which sees players undress their targets to save them from the infection. Unfortunately for the publisher eastasiasoft; a little too much waifu was uncovered, with the game subsequently being pulled after just a day of release due to nipples clearly being visible. This was previously an issue with the City Connection port of the Super Real Mahjong PV game which was previously removed from the Japanese Switch eShop before returning with a white light censorship bar (pictured below).

Super Real Mahjong PV

This is the second mystery involving an eastasiasoft title in a little under a month, after another of their 2D shoot ’em ups Octonaut (see this post) was scheduled to release on June 25 but never actually appeared on the eShop. This is likely due to a name dispute with the ocean-set cartoon series, Octonauts. It’s unknown what will happen to Octonaut, although Waifu Uncovered is expected to return for sale once the developer One-Hand-Free Studios (who are aware of the issue) have removed the offending nipples (pictured below). We’ll update this post when one, or both, of the games are available.

Waifu Uncovered

Thanks to Naruki for the above news tip (send yours here!) and thanks to Stama for the NSFW image used in this post.