Medarot Classics Coming to Switch

Imagineer have announced Medarot Classics Plus (Medabot Classics) for release on Nintendo Switch this November. Full details below…

Originally available on Nintendo 3DS and consisting of the first five Game Boy and Game Boy Color games in the series; the Medarot Classics Plus collection will be available for Nintendo Switch from November 12 with reservations opening from today (June 18) in Japan. The Switch release adds three Game Boy Advance games. The collection will be available in either Kabuto or Kuwagata versions.

The Medarot Classics Plus collection will be available as a regular edition priced at ¥5,478 (for either the Kabuto or Kuwagata versions) or as a Medarot Classics Plu Advanced Edition (containing both the Kabuto and Kuwagata versions, an acrylic set collection recreating all 16 package illustrations, and three soundtracks with the BGM for Navi, G , and 2 CORE) priced at ¥15,180. Pre-order here!

Medarot (or Medabots as it’s known outside of Japan) is a series of Pokémon-like RPGs which like Pokémon focus on collecting and battling, although the series revolves around robots instead of Pocket Monsters! Medarot has also seen anime and manga adaptations. The latest game in the series (Medarot S) is now available for smartphones. Check out the full line-up of games and the promo video below:-

Medarot (1997) Game Boy

Medarot 2 (1999) Game Boy Color

Medarot 3 (2000) Game Boy Color

Medarot 4 (2001) Game Boy Color

Medarot 5 (2001) Game Boy Color

Medarot Navi (2001) Game Boy Advance

Medarot G (2002) Game Boy Advance

Medarot 2 CORE (2003) Game Boy Advance

More follows.