Butch's Candlelit Cookie

Butch’s Candlelit Cookie

Butch’s Candlelit Cookie and Floating-Lanterns Sky are both now available in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Full details below…

New Fortune Cookie Available!

Butch's Candlelit Cookie

Get the ☆☆☆☆☆ candlelit love seat and you’ll be able to watch a special memory starring Butch and friends!

Butch's Candlelit Cookie

The full item list is the candlelit tree stumps, candlelit banquet chair, brown tuxedo, white-lace dress, floating lanterns, candlelit festive tree, candlelit banquet table, floral side braid, candlelit fountain, and candlelit love seat.

Floating-Lanterns Sky Is Here!

A new terrain option is here!

■ Floating-Lanterns Sky

Floating-Lanterns Sky

Lanterns bathe the campsite in soft, soothing light.

Notes: 300x Leaf Tickets are required to add the floating-lanterns sky terrain option.