Everyday Kirby lottery

Everyday Kirby Lottery Announced

Bandai Spirits have announced an Everyday Kirby Lottery for later this month in Japan. Check out the full details and gallery below…

The Ichiban KUJI Hoshi no Kirby EVERYDAY Kirby! lottery begins on June 30 at Lawson, Ministop, Seikomart, bookstores, hobby shops, arcades, etc across Japan. Originally it was intended for early June, but was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Each entry is priced at ¥650 ($6) with prizes including Kirby & Waddle Dee cute figure speakers, Kirby backpack, Kirby floor mat, small (9cm) Kirby plushie, small (9cm) Waddle Dee plushie, glass collection (5 to collect), fluffy hand towels (5 to collect), miscellaneous rubber goods selection (5 to collect), large (50cm) Kirby cushion.