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Seibu Kaihatsu Joins Arcade Archives

Hamster announced at the 254th Arcade Archiver that the latest company to be added to their Arcade Archives series is Seibu Kaihatsu.

New titles announced at the video presentation for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 are the 1985 cute platform game Wiz, the 1993 Final Fight-esque beat ’em up Zero Team, and the 1990 classic vertically-scrolling shoot ’em up Raiden. Release dates have yet to be announced, although Wiz is expected to be the first game to be out due to it being the first of the three with screenshots made available…

Also announced (for Switch only) are the next Nintendo titles with the 1984 baseball game VS. Baseball and the 1984 boxing game Super Punch-Out!! VS. Baseball is based on the earlier Famicom release but allowed for two-player action with each player seeing the game from their own perspective. It’s unknown how this will be handled on Switch. Super Punch-Out!! is a follow up to the original Punch-Out!! game with the main difference being a different set of fighters. Another uncertainty is whether the Russian fighter Vodka Drunkenski will make the cut.

Seibu Kaihatsu join the likes of Data East, Face, Irem, Jaleco, Konami, Nichibutsu, Nintendo, NMK, Psikyo, SNK, Sunsoft, Taito, Technos Japan, Tecmo, Tehkan, UPL, and Video System, to have had their past titles released on consoles as part of both the ACA NEOGEO and Arcade Archives series.

And in other company news: Hamster announced that 100 Arcade Archives series titles are now available on Nintendo Switch, with the above Sunset Riders’ release this week rounding off the 100. This is in addition to 108 ACA NEOGEO titles, which are also available. Check out the commemorative artwork below…

Check out our dedicated post for Arcade Archives Sunset Riders, featuring six screenshots, here, and follow me on Twitter to be the first to hear about the latest gaming news from Japan. Thanks to Tired Old Hack for the screenshots for VS. Baseball and Super Punch-Out!!