Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Advance And More Trademarks

Nintendo Co., Ltd. have applied for seven new trademarks in Japan including Game Boy Advance and Wii U. Check out the full list below…

Paper Mario The Origami King

ペーパーマリオ オリガミキング (商願2020-58981)

Paper Mario The Origami King (商願2020-58982)

Mii (商願2020-58983)

EXCITE TRUCK (商願2020-58984)

WAVEBIRD (商願2020-58985)

GAME BOY ADVANCE (商願2020-58986)

Wii U (商願2020-58987)

Notes: All seven applications were made on May 12, 2020, and all have been published today in Japan (June 9, 2020). The one Japanese name (ペーパーマリオ オリガミキング) is for Paper Mario: The Origami King. The Game Boy Advance and Wii U applications are under the categories machinery and equipment and toys with the Wii U also being under education/entertainment. Both Paper Mario applications and Excite Truck are under the machinery and equipment category, Wavebird is under toys, and Mii is under both machinery and equipment and education/entertainment.