Mario Kart Tour Adds Gold Dry Bowser

Mario Kart Tour has added a Gold Pipe featuring 50 things including Dry Bowser (Gold), Gold Egg, and Gold Crane all making their debut!

What’s more, gold drivers, karts, and gliders from past tours are back too! This pipe does not feature any spotlights and the 50 things can be reset at any time. The Gold Pipe requires the same 5 Rubies per 1 play and 50 Rubies per 10 plays as the standard pipes.

Appearance rates for the high-end drivers Gold Koopa (Freerunning), Dry Bones (Gold), and Dry Bowser (Gold) are each 0.6667%. Appearance rates for the high-end karts Gold Train and Gold Egg are each 1.0000%. And appearance rates for the high-end gliders Gold Glider, Gold Swooper, and Gold Crane are each 0.6667%.

The Gold Pipe is in addition to this week’s Cooking Tour which saw the debut of Mario (Chef), Choco Macharon, and Chocolate Donut, as well as the return of Shy Guy (Pastry Chef) and Baby Peach (Cherub). Read more about the Cooking Tour and watch the tour trailer at this post.

In related news: the next ranked cup for part two of the Cooking Tour will be the Hammer Bro Cup. Part two of the tour begins on June 10. The game has also recently updated to Version 2.1.1 where Multiplayer courses now count toward completion of the “race in every course of every cup, including bonus challenges” Tour Challenge. A number of issues have also been addressed.