Small Weekend Update:Major Japanese Nintendo Site News!

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● The lead story is the discontinuation of 24/7 news updates for Japanese Nintendo from May 7 in a decision that I came to over a week ago. Thanks for all your well wishes. I’ll try and find time to reply to you shortly.

● Pureworks Japan will be bringing the visual novel White Wings to Switch if the crowdfunding efforts are successful. Check out the prospective box art and promo videos here.

● Idea Factory will also publish a physical Hakuoki Shinkai Twin Pack for Switch on July 30 which includes both Hakuoki Shinkai Ginsei no Shou and Hakuoki Shinkai Tsukikage no Shou. Thanks for following and stay safe!

● Koei Tecmo Games’ recently announced update for Monster Farm (Monster Rancher) will arrive on Switch and smartphones on April 27 adding an extra save slot and more CDS/monsters.

● G-mode confirmed that the puzzle game G-MODE Archives 03 Kururin☆Cafe will release next week (April 30) with the volleyball game G-MODE Archives 04 Beach Volleyball Girl Shizuku scheduled for the week after (May 7).

● The Goonya Fighter game saw the return of the “Don’t Touch The Poop” Party!! as the game’s 16th experimental battle. This event runs until May 1.

Nintendo Dream magazine is in the news with the July issue postponed and merging with the August issue on June 20. From the June issue: this month’s most wanted games list is posted here and the character readers would want as a class committee member here.

● In mobile news: Dr. Mario World saw the Continue Sale event suspended and gifts of Diamonds x20 and Staff Tickets x2, Dragalia Lost saw Thanatos added to Astral Raids and gifts of Summon Voucher x5 and Exquisite Honey x30, Fire Emblem Heroes added the 5★ Resplendent Hero Eliwood: Knight of Lycia added and Three Heroes Quests begin, and Mario Kart Tour will see the Toad Cup as the ranked Cup next week.

● And in new videos: a Trials of Mana “Your Adventure Begins” trailer here and the launch trailer for NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 ROAD TO BORUTO here.