M2 Reveal First Toaplan Titles

M2 have announced that they are porting the 1987 helicopter shoot ’em up Twin Cobra (Kyukyoku Tiger), the 1987 vertically scrolling shoot ’em up Flying Shark (Hishouzame), the pictured 1992 vertically scrolling shoot ’em up Truxton II (Tatsujin Oh), and the 1990 run-and-gun game Out Zone to consoles in the first confirmed Toaplan-developed announcements (see this tag) as part of the upcoming “M2 Shot Triggers Toaplan Series” series. Platforms, release dates, and future titles will be announced at a later date.

Edit: all four Toaplan titles are confirmed for Nintendo Switch with the first (tiny) screenshots for each added below. No release dates nor pricing have been announced but look out for an update soon!

In addition, the shoot ’em up Senjin (pictured below) will hit Japanese arcades in Fall 2020.