Dragalia Lost – Dragalia Digest

Welcome to our coverage of the latest Dragalia Digest which promises to deliver the 1.5-year anniversary of Dragalia Lost, new features, what you can expect to see in version 1.18.0, and more! Full summary and video presentation added below…

March 27 sees Gala Dragalia (adding Gala Alex), a Log-In Bonus, Daily Free Tenfold Summon Events, Two Platinum Showcases, Anniversary Packs, Champion’s Road Campaign Endeavors, and more. A Scars of the Syndicate raid event (adding Aldred, Andromeda, and The Doctor) also begins March 31.

Chain Co-Abilities feature announced. Event Compendium allows you to play past events. New Fafnir Medlas item. The team leader will soon be able to use up to two select skills from other adventurers. A new Encyclopaedia feature where you can see adventurers, dragons, weapons, and wyrmprints obtained.

New bosses being added to The Agito Uprising (Ciella and Ayaha & Otoha). Chapter 14 is coming in June with Chapter 15 in August. A Gift from Notte. Finally, a second Fire Emblem Heroes event begins in late April 20. The original Fire Emblem Lost Heroes event (featuring Fjorm, Marth, Alfonse, and Veronica) will also return.