Nintendo on Developing New Mobile Software

Nintendo Co., Ltd. President Shuntaro Furukawa has revealed that are “thinking about what new things we can propose in the Mobile Business“, and that they are currently under development. Furukawa says the reveal will come when the time s right. Read the full translated question and answer below. [Thanks, BlackKite]

With Mario Kart getting released, I thought the monetisation would accelerate. But despite the amount of players increasing steadily, it doesn’t seem like there’s so much sales. Is your main objective in Mobile Business just to expand the population of people that get in touch with Nintendo IPs, without as much emphasis on doing monetisations in the short term? Also, can we expect multiple titles for Smart Devices to come out in the next period and so on?

Furukawa: As for our current assessment of the Mobile Business, we think it’s progressing just as expected on the point to expand the touch point towards Nintendo IPs. Especially for Mario Kart Tour, its amounts of downloads and players among others are transitioning powerfully, so we think the opportunities to get in touch with our company IPs on Smart Devices that have spread out worldwide have been progressing just as expected.

Also, for specific franchises like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes, we’ve continuously built a relationship with customers through service administrations, so we think we have a touch point with customers on a different approach from the game console business.

In the Mobile Business, our number one objective is to have a large amount of customers – that couldn’t be reached with just game consoles – get in touch with Nintendo’s games and characters. We think it’s good if that can maximise contributions to the entire Nintendo business as a result. Of course, we’re thinking about what new things we can propose in the Mobile Business, and we are also proceeding with development. When the chance where we can reveal them has come, we would like to inform of them.

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