Lost Lore Coming Soon

Lost Lore is coming on January 25 UTC in Fire Emblem Heroes! Send Heroes to scout the World of Shadows and recover lore for the Heroes’ Saga, a collection of tales from the Fire Emblem series, and earn rewards like Orbs and Dragonflowers. Mjölnir’s Strike: Counter phase and New Tactics Drills detailed below…

Mjölnir’s Strike: Counter phase

Mjölnir’s Strike: Counter phase is now active. Use your Counter Arrows wisely! Save them for the latter half, or use the Weaker Bonus to triple your power! Players who didn’t participate in the Shield phase can still join in.

New Tactics Drills

A new map, Mirage ♯Session, is now available in Tactics Drills: Skill Studies! Check it out in Story Maps to test your skills!

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