Introducing Bree’s Boutique Cookie!

A new type of fortune cookie is now in stock at the Fortune Cookie Shop Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with Bree’s Boutique Cookie. Anniversary Outfit Gifts (pictured here) are also available as Log-In Bonuses. Check out the full list of items including the featured boutique display case item, special memory starring Bree and friends, and introduction video below…

Spotlight Furniture

The featured furniture item is the boutique display case!

By getting this item, you can view a special memory starring Bree and friends!

Fuchsia needs a dress for a fancy party, so she recruits her most fashionable friend, Bree, for help.

Item List

■ Items in Bree’s boutique cookie

boutique display case

boutique shop window

boutique dress rack

boutique vanity table

boutique register counter

boutique display stand

boutique dressing room

boutique hat boxes

frilly feathered hat

vintage rose tea dress

Order Five and Earn More

You can get five Bree’s boutique cookies at once when you choose to Order 5!

When you choose Order 1, you only earn one stamp, but if you choose Order 5, you will earn five stamps plus one bonus stamp, for a total of six stamps. You can earn more stamps by ordering in bulk!

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