Summon Showcase, Madcap Misfits!

A new Summon Showcase, Madcap Misfits, has begun in Dragalia Lost along with the Kindness and Captivity raid event revival! Appearance rates for featured adventurers and dragons will be boosted during this showcase! Get a closer look at the featured adventurer Chelsea, dragon Kagutsuchi, and the event trailer below.

Featured adventurer:


A sylvan girl obsessed with Luca (or “Luccy”). She sticks to him like a shadow, and doesn’t seem to know when to stop. That can all be quite tiresome, but she must have a good reason, right?

Featured dragon:


A fiery dragon from southern Hinomoto. Born in a volcano, his flame-hardened body renders all but the most powerful attacks null.If you meet him off the battlefield, he will likely treat you to his homeland’s famous fried chicken.

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