Multitasking Game Announced

Nintendo have released an 11th free Nintendo Labo VR mini-game on the Nintendo Switch News Channel in Japan for owners of the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit Toy-Con, with the Nintendo Labo Programming Tournament winner Multitasking Game by Tani6Fab Yuhki Takahashi. The aim is to achieve a high score by controlling humans, cars, and UFOs, all at once! Check out the previous 10 mini-games below…

The previous 10 mini-games released via the Nintendo Switch News Channel are Bunbougu Mudazukai Senshuken, Shooting Game, Balloon Fight, Maguro Kart, Capsule Toy, Baseball BoardKyodai MeiroSushi BoardKaijuu Shooting, and Alien Tataki. Please note the names used are the Japanese titles. Not all games maybe available in all regions.

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