Summon Showcase: Dragon Special

The new Summon Showcase: Dragon Special has begun in Dragalia Lost!The appearance rates for featured 4★ and 5★ dragons will be boosted. Get a closer look at the featured dragons Arctos, Freyja, and Siren below…

Featured Dragons:


A hot-blooded dragon whose mastery and knowledge of smithing is matched only by the joy he feels in sharing it with humans. The former coach of the blacksmith sisters’ father, he spends his days honing body and mind in a volcano.


A beautiful dragon who watches over love and harvests. Her giant staff, made from an ancient tree, spreads nature’s blessings far and wide. She is adored by all life and loves it in return—especially her two feline familiars.


The singing dragon is finally able to stand on the stage of her dreams—and with an almost frighteningly beautiful voice, she aims to bring joy to everyone. Her outfit was made by her friends, making her an icon of dragalia.

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