Summon Showcase: Dragon Special!

The next Summon Showcase: Dragon Special takes place from 19-27 September in Dragalia Lost! The appearance rates for featured 4★ and 5★ dragons will be boosted. Get a closer look at some of the featured dragons below.

Featured dragons:


A beastly, imposing dragon. Despite his fierce
appearance, he’s actually quite fun-loving.
He puts on performances at the circus that
overflow with charm, but on the battlefield,
he rends foes apart with sharp fang and claw.


A dragon who supports all those who are
in love. He is quite young and pure, and
wants nothing more than to spread love
and happiness throughout the entire world.


A dragon that rules over death. It’s not so much
that he enjoys murder, but he does thrive off the
strong emotions of the doomed. As such, he
appears in times of plague, war, and disaster,
making him much feared as an ill omen.

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