Sanrio Characters Collection #3!

Little Twin Stars and Kerokerokeroppi items are available in Sanrio Characters Collection #3 in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp today and include the Kiki and Lala Cookie, the Kerokerokeroppi Cookie, Sanrio Characters Crafting Collection, and Sanrio Character Goals where you can unlock Étoile and Toby! Post updated with full list of items and promo videos added below…

Kiki and Lala Cookie

■ Items in Kiki and Lala cookie

Kiki and Lala couch

Kiki and Lala bed

Kiki and Lala sofa

cloud machine

Kiki and Lala table

Kiki and Lala pin

Kiki and Lala dress

Kiki and Lala clock

Kerokerokeroppi Cookie

■ Items in Kerokerokeroppi cookie

Kerokerokeroppi couch

Kerokerokeroppi bridge

Kerokerokeroppi bench

Kerokerokeroppi pins

Kerokerokeroppi tray

Kerokerokeroppi doll

Kerokerokeroppi lantern

Kerokerokeroppi shirt

Sanrio Characters Crafting Collection

■ Sanrio Characters Crafting Collection: Little Twin Stars and Kerokerokeroppi Items

Kiki and Lala backpack

Keroppi backpack

Kiki and Lala wall

Kiki and Lala floor

Kerokerokeroppi wall

Kerokerokeroppi floor

Sanrio Characters Goals #3

Clear goals to get Étoile’s map, Toby’s map, Kiki and Lala cookie, and Kerokerokeroppi cookie!


Étoile and Toby both love Sanrio Characters. You can meet these new animals by using their animal maps!

Note: Animals from the maps obtained from Sanrio Characters Goals, including Étoile and Toby, do not have special furniture or special requests.

■ Goals Include
· Play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for 2 days in a row.
· Roll the die in Blathers’s Treasure Trek.
· Take 1 class at Happy Homeroom.
…and more!

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