Wednesday Update:Hero Joins the Battle, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is No. 1, Plus Much More News!

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate updated to Version 4.0.0 as well as adding the Dragon Quest Hero character pack DLC (which includes the Yggdrasil’s Altar stage, and additional music tracks) and new Mii Fighter Costumes (Veronica, Erdrick, Martial Artist, and a Slime Hat). Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can also access the Spirit Board Challenge Pack 1 which includes items to help combat spirits.

● The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update includes a new Online Tourney mode, updated video editing features, a Very Easy difficulty in Adventure mode, and predict winners during Spectate. See the full patch notes and a Video Editing video here.

● The second major update today is Version 5.0.0 of Splatoon 2 which adds all Shifty Station stages, team ink colours from previous Splatfests, the Splatfest Tee Replica, and much more. Full patch notes posted here.

● Playful confirmed to us that the 3D platformer New Super Lucky’s Tale will be coming to Switch in Japan, although the physical release may come later than the west (08 November). I’ve added both trailers and the Treehouse Live segment here.

● Nintendo announced that Super Mario Maker 2 has surpassed four million courses uploads worldwide in the game’s first month. Also, and out how to become Builder Mario (or Builder Luigi, Toad, or Toadette) by collecting the Super Hammer in the cvideo here and entering the course code XYK-9FY-CGG.

● Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division announced the sci-fi RPG The Outer Worlds will also be releasing for Switch in Japan, although no release date yet. Announcement video with Japanese subtitles posted here.

● Imagineer announced that worldwide shipments for Fit Boxing (which is distributed by Nintendo in the west as Fitness Boxing) have surpassed 400,000 with a new update coming soon. The game is also now part of Sports Agency’s Sport in Life project.

● 3goo announced a localisation of the racing game FIA European Truck Racing Championship for the Japanese market on 31 October priced at ¥5,616 for the Switch version.

● Game Source Entertainment finally gave a release date for the localisation of the TPS Sniper Elite V2 Remastered for Japan with another 31 October release priced at ¥4,818. Japanese box art posted here.

● Marvelous updated the Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town website with new screenshots and profiles for the characters Mary, Elli, Gray, and Doctor.

● Entergram announced a couple of otome visual novel games for the Japanese Switch eShop with both Tonari ni Kanojo no Iru Shiawase ~Two Farce~ and Boku to Kanojo no Kenshuu Nisshi arriving on 29 August with preloads now live at a huge discount (¥1,280 instead of ¥1,980)

● Kairosoft announced a couple of new games to release worldwide on the Switch eShop next week with the pyramid building simulation game The Pyraplex (Hakkutsu Pyramid Oukoku) and the Edo period Japan simulation game Oh! Edo Towns (Oedo Towns). Each are priced at ¥1,200 and available to preload now. Japanese trailers posted here and here.

● H2 INTERACTIVE published the flight simulation games Air Conflicts:Secret Wars and Air Conflicts:Pacific Carriers on the Japanese Switch eShop today priced at ¥1,980 each. Check out a trailer for the Collection here.

● Eastasiasoft will be publishing both the 2D action games Odallus: The Dark Call and Oniken on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (08 August) priced at ¥1,280 and ¥980 respectively. Japanese trailers for both titles posted here and here.

● Bilibili announced the adventure simulation game Broken Delusion for release on Nintendo Switch in 2019. I assume it will be a digital title! Watch the trailer and see some screenshots here.

● Hamster’s only game this week is the sequel to Ikari Warriors Arcade Archives Victory Road (known as Dogou Souken in Japan). Again it’s priced at ¥823, and again TATE mode is supported.

● Another Indie announced they will be publishing the shifting action platform game Georifters for Switch in Japan in 2020. Reveal trailer posted here.

● Samurai Punk will also publish the adventure game Feather in Japan next week (08 August) with the preload price of ¥833 (the regular price is ¥980). Trailer posted here.

● YAK will be localising the adventure game Agent A – Gisou no Puzzle (Agent A: A puzzle in disguise) on the Japanese Switch eShop on 29 August where it is now available to preload for ¥1,500.

● Chorus Worldwide will be localising the the rhythm-based dodgeball game Super Dodgeball Beats for release on the Japanese Switch eShop on 26 September priced at ¥1,500. Trailer posted here.

● Teyon Japan’s subsidiary Digital Bards announced they’ll be localising the adventure game Enigmatis 2:Ravenwood no Kiri (Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood) on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (08 August) priced at ¥900 with preloads now live. The game is ¥100 cheaper than when it was first announced. Japanese trailer posted here.

● Fractal Phase will be publishing the roguelite flight simulator Sky Rogue on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (08 August) priced at ¥2,000 with preloads now live at 10% off (¥1,800). Trailer posted here.

● No demos this week but games available for preload that aren’t listed above) include Wolfenstein: Youngblood for ¥3,800, DEAD OR SCHOOL for ¥2,478 (regular price of ¥2,916), Omega Vampire for ¥5,600, and Digimon Story Cybersleuth Hacker’s Memory (Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition) for ¥6,458.

● Artdink announced that A-Ressha de Ikou 3D NEO (A-Train 3D: City Simulator NEO) has sold out of its final retail shipment and encouraged prospective buyers to purchase the digital version.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw a number of new events today with Isabelle’s Garden Gathering garden event, the Fan Fair Festivities seasonal event, and the Summer Block Party. Check out the full details here.

Dragalia Lost saw the A Splash of Adventure Summon Showcase and Raid Event both begin (full details and introduction video here), Summer Party Pack Dragon Upgrade Special and Summer Party Pack Water Upgrade Special, are both available in the Shop under Value Packs, the Water-attuned adventurer upgrade event added the Waterscour Ruins (Beginner/Standard/Expert) event quest, and new wyrmprints were added to the Treasure Trade for wyrmprints lineup.

Dr. Mario World saw a promotion on diamonds with 150 x Diamond when purchasing a 100 pack. It’s limited to one per customer and ends on 09 August UTC.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw the Mythic Hero Sothis: Girl on the Throne arrive for a new Summoning Event and Battle (official artwork and introduction video posted here). Legendary Hero Battles for Lyn, Marth, Hector, Azura, and Alm are back as well, along with Hero introductions for the Altean knights Jagen, Cain, Abel, Draug, and Gordin.

● Niantic revealed that Pokémon GO has been downloaded more than one billion times worldwide. Check out the four new Japanese commercials here.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses‘s first week sales in Japan were good but not great, managing 143,130 which is less than half of what Fire Emblem Fates opened with. Digital sales are expected to be much higher however. Nintendo Switch hardware dropped again to 42,689, although this is to be expected with the new models coming soon. Tsuri Spirits Nintendo Switch Version had a great first week, selling 47,700. Check out the full top 10 here.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares dropped today by +490 (1.21%) in Japan to close trading for the day at 40,100.00 JPY. This was after the Three Months Earnings Release.

● Ubisoft Chengdu are developing a new four-player Rabbids Party Adventure game for release on Nintendo Switch in China. Check out the trailer here.

● Watch an animated “Order Zero” video for DAEMON X MACHINA here.

● Three English Fire Emblem: Three Houses trailers here, here, and here.

● A commercial for Obakeidoro! here.

● A promo video for 2nd iLL here.

● The 11th gameplay video for Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu here.

● And former Morning Museum member Sayumi Michishige playing Splatoon 2 and TETRIS 99 here.

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