Huge Wednesday Update:Switch Closer To Chinese Launch, Nintendo Talk QOL, Plus Much More News!

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Nintendo Switch looks all set to launch in China as Nintendo and their regional partners Tencent announced a joint press conference for 02 August in Shanghai, China to talk about the launch. What is far less certain is Nintendo’s QOL (Quality of Life) project, although they yet again say the product is in development in their latest Annual Report which was published yesterday.

● A Mother Series 30th Anniversary spirit event begins this Friday in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Check out artwork for the Legend-class spirits Ninten, Paula, Claus, Jeff, Hinawa, and Ness’s Father, and the full list of spirits at this post. Also check out more comments of Masahiro Sakurai from his Weekly Famitsu column talking about the gameplay in Smash Bros. reveal trailers here.

● Nippon Ichi Software announced Makai Senki Disgaea 4 Return (Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited) for Switch release in Dengeki PlayStation magazine. The game releases on 31 October priced at ¥5,378, and includes DLC from the Vita version and new elements.

● Nippon Ichi Software also announced that their Bokuhime Project will indeed be a videogame and will release on both Switch and PS4. The game’s story is definitely interesting as it involves an all-female school and a protagonist who is recognised legally as a male. The teaser website is here if you want to know more (it’s all in Japanese).

Super Robot Taisen V will includes all 20 DLC scenarios from the PS4 and Vita version and is currently 95% complete, releasing on 03 October priced at ¥8,208 for the standard version and ¥12,528 for the limited edition.

● Bandai Namco Entertainment will publish the puzzle game Disney Tsum Tsum Festival on 10 October priced at ¥6,588 according to this week’s issue of Famitsu. Check out the (old) trailer here.

● Nintendo have increased the maximum number of courses you can upload in Super Mario Maker 2 from 32 to 64, with the limit to be raised again in the future.

● Nintendo will also be adding a Lunatic difficulty mode to Fire Emblem: Three Houses in a free post-launch update.

● 3goo have the rights for Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince in Japan where it will release at retail on 10 October priced at ¥3,672. The digital release will be ¥2,592. The game is currently 80% complete. Announcement trailer added to this post.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night finally has a Japanese release date of 24 October for the retail version which will be published by Game Source Entertainment and priced at ¥6,028. It will be packaged with a soundtrack CD. Box art posted here. It’s not yet known whether the digital version will launch on the same date,

● Beep Japan will be publishing a physical version of Trüberbrook in Japan on 24 October priced at ¥4,000 and coming with three postcards, a B3 poster, and mini art book. Box art posted here.

● Game Source Entertainment will also be publishing a physical version of Kimi no Machi Portia (My Time at Portia) in Japan on 24 October priced at ¥4,378 and coming with a soundtrack CD as an early purchase benefit. Box art posted here.

● The Pokémon Company updated Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!/Eevee! to Version 1.0.2 with a couple of bug fixes. Read the full patch notes here.

● Arc System Work announced they will be publishing Krafton’s upcoming RPG MISTOVER in Japan although there’s no release date yet. Teaser trailer added here. It’s unknown whether the game will launch at retail.

● Hamster’s only release this week is the Konami racing game Arcade Archives Road Fighter priced at ¥823. The game originally released in arcades in 1984 and was ported to MSX and Famicom in the following year.

● DICO published the 16-bit platformer Devil Kingdom on the Japanese Switch eShop today priced at ¥1,200. Promo video posted here. Expect it to launch worldwide later this week.

● Another 2D game releasing today is the puzzle gamer Hushibiruko and Megedo from PLiCy priced at ¥864. Again expect a global release. Promo video posted here.

● The 2D fighting game Kiai Resonance also shadow dropped today published by Timothee Paez and priced at ¥549. Japanese trailer posted here.

● Digital Kingdom also today published the puzzle game Invisiballs on the Japanese Switch eShop priced at ¥999. A demo also became available (see below for more).

● The final new game to appear out of nowhere (on a day that saw more than 20 other games) was the shoot ’em up Sky Force Reloaded from Infinite Dream priced at ¥1,000.

● G-mode announced puzzle game Nanpure Relax 2 Summer Waves for release on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (01 August) priced at ¥500.

● The horror game Shadow Corridor was finally dated by publishers Regista for 08 August. It supports English so this maybe a worldwide launch. The preload price is ¥1,458 (or ¥1,944 if bought after launch). Check out the new trailer here.

● KEMCO dated the JRPG Refalsia no Genei for release on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (01 August) and is currently available to preload for ¥1,166 (the regular price is ¥1,296). Promo video posted here. Expect it to release in the west (as Illusion of L’Phalcia) next week too.

● Kakehashi Games announced that they will be localising The Church in the Darkness for the Japanese Switch eShop, although it won’t be a simultaneous launch (it releases in the west next week). Launch trailer posted here.

● Starsign will be localising EnjoyUp Games’s soccer game Super Arcade Soccer on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (01 August) priced at ¥700.

● Forever Entertainment will also be localising the puzzle game Find the Balance on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (01 August) priced at ¥500 and renamed Balance Sagashi.

● Rainy Frog will be publishing KORAL next week as Koral Sango Umi no Tanken and priced at ¥1,000. I’ll add the video to this and more to the existing posts tomorrow.

● Releasing on 08 August is the psychedelic space racing game Space Ribbon from Onteca priced at ¥899.

● HERO CONCEPT will also be publishing the arcade shooter Doughlings: Invasion on 08 August priced at ¥1,150 with preloads now live at 10% off (¥1,035).

● This week’s new preloads (that aren’t covered above) are Katakoi Contrast ―Collection of Branch― for ¥7,344 (promo video here), Mary Skelter 2 for Nintendo Switch for ¥6,912, Pawarumi for ¥1,750 (promo video here), and BROTHERS CONFLICT Precious Baby for Nintendo Switch for ¥7,344 (promo video here).

● And this week’s new demos include Tsuri Spirits Nintendo Switch Version (Fishing Spirits) from Bandai Namco Entertainment, Tsukue de Dodgeball from SAT-BOX, Invisiballs from Digital Kingdom, and Astro Tankentai (Epic Astro Story) from Kairosoft.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw the return of Pascal’s Kiddie Pool which is available to craft for 350 Left Tickets until 14 August. See our post here for how he looks in the game. Tomorrow will see Julia’s Palace Cookie. Check out the full list of items and introduction video here.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw Bound Hero Battle Revival: Klein & Clarine and pre-registration for Grand Conquests which begins on Friday and features a Fire Emblem: Three Houses theme with a three-army battle between Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. Coming before then is Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon: Three Houses, which arrives in a few hours.

● Pre-registration is now open for Pokémon Masters on both iOS and Android which will be published by DeNA. The game is expected to launch on both platforms on 29 August. Check out the icon here.

Professional Baseball Spirits 2019 was the best-selling game in Japan last week with an incredible 175,189 on PS4 and an impressive 44,270 on Vita. Super Mario Maker 2 was second with 46,065 with Japanese sales now at over 430k if including digital (see below). Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order opened with just 9,424, although Japan wasn’t expected to be where the game will commercially shine. Nintendo Switch hardware dropped to 45,596, but likely due to the announcement of both the Switch Lite and the model with the improved battery. Check out the full top 10 here.

Weekly Famitsu Issue No.1599 review scores included Air Conflicts Collection with 27/40, Crystal Crisis with 27/40, Lethal League Blaze with 31/40, Omega Labyrinth Life with 32/40, PixARK with 28/40, Battle & Crash with 26/40, Devious Dungeon 2 with 29/40, ELLI with 30/40, Path to Mnemosyne with 28/40, PIRATES 7 with 29/40, Viviette with 28/40, and Wai Wai!Nice Shot Tennis with 24/40. As always, check out the full list of Famitsu review scores here.

Famitsu Digital Estimates for Japan from 27 May to 30 June have Super Mario maker 2 with 51,918, Cadence of Hyrule:Crypt of the NecroDancer feat. The Legend of Zelda with 32,789, Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu with 25,668, Human: Fall Flat with 19,503, and Yo-kai Watch 4 with 16,015.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares dropped again by -100 (0.25%) in Japan to close trading for the day at 39,850.00 JPY. This is before the China announcement.

● In this week’s UK charts: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is back at number one, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order debuts at number two, Super Mario Maker 2 is down to number three, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is at number six.

● Koei Tecmo Games announced a port of the PlayStation game Monster Farm (Monster Rancher) to an undisclosed platform(s) later in 2019 as a digital only release. Check out the teaser website here.

● Today’s trademark is for both POKEMON SWORD and POKEMON SHIELD by Nintendo Co., Ltd. for clothing purposes. Check out the list of clothing and the actual applications here.

● Watch NyaNyaNya! Neko Mario Time Episode #144 featuring Super Mario Maker 2, Marvel Ultimate Aliiance 3: The Black Order, and Cadence of Hyrule:Crypt of the NecroDancer feat. The Legend of Zelda here.

● A promo video for Gensou Kissa Enchanté here.

● A promo video for Remothered: Tormented Fathers here.

● A short promo video for DAEMON X MACHINA here.

● A Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX music video “Countdown: 3-2-1-0” here.

● A CoroCoro gameplay video for Tokyo 2020 Olympics The Official Video Game here along with TV commercials, web commercial, and opening movie here.

● A Famitsu livestream featuring both Arcade Archives The Ninja Warriors and Arcade Archives Road Fighter here.

● “3 Things You Might Not Know About Dragon Quest Builders 2here.

● A Denjin☆Getcha! segment featuring KILL la KILL the GAME IF here and an Arc System Works launch broadcast here.

● And the 12th Dragon Marked for Death “Dragon Marked For Live” broadcast here.

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