Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt On Now!

Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt: Sanrio Characters Collection is on now in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! This time you’ll be hunting for Hello Kitty gyroidite! Once you’ve collected enough Hello Kitty gyroidite, you can use them to craft limited-time Hello Kitty amenities and Sanrio Characters Collection tees! Check out all the details below along with the Sanrio Characters Crafting Collection and Sanrio Characters Goals #1 …

■ Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt: Sanrio Characters Collection Items

Hello Kitty balloon
Hello Kitty tent
Hello Kitty tee
Cinnamoroll tee
Pompompurin tee
My Melody tee
Kiki and Lala tee
Keroppi tee
Pochacco tee
Tuxedosam tee
Badtz-Maru tee
Pekkle tee

· Hello Kitty balloon and Hello Kitty tent are amenities.
· Leaf Tickets are required to craft the Hello Kitty balloon, Pochacco tee, Tuxedosam tee, Badtz-Maru tee, and Pekkle tee.

■ Sanrio Characters Crafting Collection: Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll Items

Hello Kitty backpack
Cinnamoroll backpack
Hello Kitty wall
Hello Kitty floor
Cinnamoroll wall
Cinnamoroll floor

■ Sanrio Characters Goals #1

Clear goals to get Rilla’s Map, Chai’s map, Hello Kitty cookie, and Cinnamoroll cookie!

Rilla and Chai both love Sanrio Characters. You can meet these new animals by using their animal maps!

■ Goals Include
· Play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for 2 days in a row.
· Roll the die in Blathers’s Treasure Trek.
· Take 1 class at Happy Homeroom.
…and more!

Check Event Goals under Isabelle’s Goals for more details.

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