Cinnamoroll Cookie Available

A new fortune cookie is coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with Cinnamoroll Cookie featuring Cinnamoroll table, Cinnamoroll stool, Cinnamoroll parasol, Cinnamoroll tray, Cinnamoroll sofa, Cinnamoroll sign, Cinnamoroll hat, and the featured item Cinnamoroll couch. The cookie will be available from 11 July-02 September. Trailer added below…

Edit: cookie now available. Post updated with full list of items.

■ Items in Cinnamoroll cookie

Cinnamoroll couch
Cinnamoroll sofa
Cinnamoroll sign
Cinnamoroll hat
Cinnamoroll table
Cinnamoroll stool
Cinnamoroll parasol
Cinnamoroll tray

Note: Cinnamoroll hat cannot be worn by animals.

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