Friday Update:Kirby Café, Strikers 2020, Taisen Hot Gimmick, Petit Computer 4, Radirgy Swag, Plus Much More News!

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● The third Teto 1 Cup/Maximus Cup/Grand Prix event has now begun in TETRIS 99 with Game Boy graphics and music. 100 event points will unlock you the Game Boy theme!

● The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Suit Up! event is now live. Check out the full list of spirits including Dr. Wily, Jeff, Party Phil, and Kazuhira Miller, at this post.

● The fifth of six free DLC characters to be added to Zoids Wild: King of Blast this Summer will be Kakusei Fangtiger. Check out the introduction video and new TV commercial here.

● City Connection announced a brand new entry in the Strikers shoot ‘em up series with STRIKERS 2020 announced for consoles and arcade. The company also announced Taisen Hot Gimmick: Axes-Jong for Nintendo Switch. City Connection recently acquired Zerodiv (and with it, the Psikyo IP).

● SmileBoom announced the latest Petit Computer title Puchikon 4 SmileBASIC for release on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (23 May) priced at ¥3,000. The game supports Joy-Con, HD Rumble, Motion IR Camera, various Toy-Con (piano, house, fishing, bike, and robot), and USB keyboard or mouse.

● Play,Doujin! announced the strategy RPG PIRATES 7 and the platformer Motch A Girl for Nintendo Switch. Both games will be at BitSummit 7 along with the previously announced Maid-san wo Migi ni☆ (Super Zangyura). PIRATES 7 will be Japanese only, with no plans for localisation. Check out trailers for both new titles at this post.

● RS34 confirmed that the latest entry in the Radirgy shoot ’em up series Radirgy Swag will be coming to Japanese Switch eShop on 13 June priced at ¥2,000. Check out screenshots here.

● Cliffside’s 3D third-person adventure game Kato is hopefully coming to Nintendo Switch, say the developers. Check out the trailer here.

● Kogado Studio announced a demo for the visual novel Yumeutsutsu Re:Master for release on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (23 May) with the full game launching on 13 June.

● Teyon Japan announced that Human: Fall Flat will be updated to Version 1.4.2 next week (23 May) adding a friends list, a new stage ‘Dark’, three new characters (skeleton, mummy, and present), 11 new skins, and bug fixes.Check out the update trailer here.

● Square-Enix have updated FINAL FANTASY VII to Version 1.01 which fixes an issue that caused background music to restart after the end of each battle, and other minor bugs.

● Toydea updated Dragon Fang Z Ryuusha Rose to Yadorigi no Meikyuu to Version 1.4.1 with bug fixes.

● 48 more games have been added to the Japanese Switch eShop sales including 50% off Freedom Planet (¥740),  50% off Shovel Knight (¥1,080), 75% off Thumper (¥499), and 70% off GoNNER (¥329). Check out the full list here.

● Check out this week’s Nintendo eShop sales for both Switch and 3DS with Minecraft at number one here.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf will see the fifth Fishing Tourney of 2019 tomorrow.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw Jacques, Astrid, Groucho, Spike, and Bruce all arrive as new animal maps in Blathers’s Treasure Trek. Check out the artwork and unlockable items here.

Dragalia Lost saw Jupiter’s Trial double drops event where drop rewards you can obtain from Jupiter’s Trial will be doubled.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw Grand Conquests begin between Xander, Ryoma, and Corrin.

Pokémon GO saw new Sinnoh Pokémon available to catch in the wild and hatch from Eggs including Cherubi, Gible, Hippopotas, and others. New Glacial Lure Modules, Mossy Lure Modules, and Magnetic Lure Modules were also announced.

● A second Kirby Café (pictured) will be opening this Summer in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan.

● Check out this year’s key artwork for the Tokyo Game Show here.

● Nojima Online will be restocking 22 The Legend of Zelda series amiibo in November 2019.

● Show a Detective Pikachu ticket stub at Pokémon Centers in Japan to receive a free Wrinkled-face Pikachu sticker (pictures here).

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares increased by +810 (2.20%) in Japan today to close trading for the week at 37,690.00 JPY.

● Gust have posted an Atelier questionnaire.

● A Tlicolity Eyes soundtrack CD will release in Japan on 19 July, a day after the Nintendo Switch game.

● A commercial for Sumikko Gurashi Gakkou Seikatu Hajimerun Desu here.

● The system introduction video for Jinrui no Minasama he here.

● The story mode trailer for KILL la KILL the GAME IF here.

● A ‘Speed Up’ trailer for Team Sonic Racing here.

● An introduction movie for the event card pack in Dragon Quest Rivals here.

● A commercial for Hopping Girl Kohane Jumping Kingdom -Kuro Usagi no Hime- here.

● The launch trailer for Project Nimbus: Complete Edition here.

● The Japanese trailer for Genjuro Kibagami in SAMURAI SPIRITS here.

● A CoroCoro video MAKING A YOSHI EGG here!

● The fifth episode of the Dragalia Lost variety programme ‘Doragari ja nai mon!’ here and the sixth episode of the Dragalia Lost Radio Garden here.

● And the Japanese trailer for the latest batch of Sega Mega Drive Mini games here.

● Thanks to Naruki for more news tips again today!

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