Suit Up Spirit Event UPDATED

A suit themed spirit event ‘Suit Up!’ has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate beginning this Friday. It will feature spirits wearing ties or bow ties on the Spirit Board. Defeat them in battle to earn extra snacks. Legend-class spirits Dr. Wily and Jeff, plus the Ace-class spirits Party Phil and Kazuhira Miller, will appear at set times. Post updated with full list of spirits with images to follow.

Dr. Wily
Party Phil
Kazuhira Miller

Dr. Wily, Jeff, Wily Capsule, Dr. Light, Kazuhira Miller, Party Phil, Brewster, Bowser (Wedding), Paz Ortega Andrade, Roy Campbell, Reporter & Wrestler, Kyle Hyde, Elite Beat Agents, Digby, Dr. Shrunk, Strangelove, Sick Beats Doctor, Lyle, Count Cannoli, Tsubasa Oribe, Rabbid Kong, and Toadsworth.

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