Free Cookies For Days UPDATED

To celebrate spring break, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players will be given a variety of fortune cookies as log-in bonuses! This special set of log-in bonuses is called Free Cookies For Days and begins on 26 April!

Included cookies are Marshal’s pastry cookie, Bunnie’s li’l red cookie, Tia’s rosewater cookie, Cherry’s rockin’ cookie, Hopkins’s game cookie, Muffy’s creepy cookie, Rosie’s pop-star cookie, Cherry’s rockin’ cookie, Julian’s stardust cookie, Stitches’s patch cookie, Filbert’s rocket cookie, plus two lots of 10 x Leaf Tickets!

Edit: in more Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp news: Lloid is back running the Pokemori Twitter account after Zipper has stood down, a new event was teased along with the Fishing Tourney: Schoolroom which begins on Wednesday (images for both below).

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