Friday News Update with Happy Birthdays coming to Switch, Nippon Ichi promise more Switch support, plus more news! 

● First of all, today marks the fifth anniversary of Japanese Nintendo, thanks to all of you for your support throughout these past five years. Plenty of things are planned for 2018 including a Reviews page and our new Podcast!

● Perhaps topically is a Nintendo Switch version of Birthdays the Beginning (pictured) which will release in Japan on 29 March 2018 as Happy Birthdays priced at ¥5,799 (I’m guessing this excludes tax) with some new animals!

● Nippon Ichi president Souhei Niikawa announced that Makai Senki Disgaea 5 has sold 200,000 units worldwide on Nintendo Switch and promises both new IP and sequel titles for both PlayStation 4 and Switch.

Splatoon 2 tomorrow at 110:00 JST (tonight in North America will add the L-3 Nozzlenose D along with the Burst Bombs and the Inkjet.

● A’Class announced a Nekomimi Headset for PlayStation’s 4, VR and Vita along with Switch on 30 January 2018 priced at ¥2,768. Pictures of the headset here.

Fire Emblem Heroes today saw eight Infantry Master Quests featuring the Heroes with the infantry movement type with Orbs, Universal Shards and Universal Crystals as rewards for clearing.

Miitomo today saw the “Easy there cowboy! A Miitomo Western [A]” stage added with with Bull Horn T-Shirt, Silver Concho Cowboy Hat, Cowboy Outfit (Poncho) and Western Horse Costume all pictured here.

Super Mario Run today saw the return of the Friendly Run Event which allows players to win Rally Tickets irregardless over whether they win-or-lose.

● And Pokémon GO today saw Zangoose emerge in Japan.

● Dan Fornace announced that he will be bringing the fighting game Rivals of Aether to the Switch in 2018.

● Finalboss Games will be bringing the action puzzle game Vesta to the European Switch eShop on 19 January. Thanks to Contra Network.

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