Kirby art, Super Mario Run Android, Rabi Laby collaboration, Breath of the Wild screen, Metroid offline and more!

● The lead pic is new artwork from the Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter account.

Super Mario Run is now available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. Android owners go here.

● The new eShop drone racing game Drone Fight features a Rabi Laby collaborative stage. Screenshots here and here.

● The latest screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be viewed here.

● The online multiplayer of the Metroid Prime: Blast Ball demo will be offline from 31 December (the version inside Metroid Prime: Federation Force will remain online).

Miitomo added a New Year’s Event with a Golden Suit free for all players plus bonus Miitomo Drop stages, Miitomo Shop items and 6500 Miitomo coins for the price of 3150. Full details here.

● It’s really worthwhile reading an interview with Satoru Okada taken from Retro Gamer (here) where he discusses he and Iwata’s opposition to Yamauchi’s dual screen idea for the NDS amongst other subjects.

● And it’s worth noting that all New Nintendo 3DS purchases in Japan now come with Flipnote Studio 3D, Collectible Badge Center and Darumeshi Sports Store.

● Speaking of Collectible Badge Center, check back shortly for this week’s update!

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