Talking Super Mario Stickers!

● A Mario Tennis update to Kinopio-kun’s official Nintendo LINE account, drawings of both Peach and Luigi, plus a set of awesome Talking Super Mario Animated Stickers (available here).

● No Mario Tennis badges on Nintendo Badge Arcade however as Baito-kun delivered some Egypt-themed Animal Crossing badges as well as yet more Pokémon (with more to follow!). Two free goes too.

● Some news on Bike Rider DX – Atsumete! Choujuu Hunter with upcoming collaborations with Monster Hunter X, Stein’s Gate, Egu-splosion and Kamen Rider. The game also features bosses and a four-player mode.

● Little other news but Detective Pikachu is up to number five on the eShop charts. The game also has its own dedicated download card. I’ve pre-loaded mine! Time for some Zelda Musou now…

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