Sora Kake Girl review

Sora Kake Girl is an anime and manga from 2009 and known as The Girl Who Leapt Through Space in the West. Also available on DSiWare (also from 2009) as a horizontally scrolling shoot’em up as Sora wo Kakeru Shojo Shooting. Now why am I reviewing a little shooter five years too late? It’s because the game is being taken down from the DSi and eShop THIS Wednesday at 10:00 JST. Your only (legal!) chance of owning this Information Technology Land developed game is to spend 500 DSi points or ¥500 and download NOW.

Beginning a review with the statement “this game is really short” is akin to my Mother saying of my brother’s girlfriend “she’s not much to look at” but the game is really short. Sora Kake Girl doesn’t sell itself on its length as such but more-so in completing the picture gallery (consisting of ninety six images – some enemies and some scantily clad Sora Kake Girls) achieved by high scoring. What is available before then are just four levels (each with both mid-level and end-level boss) and three playable characters.

Initially only Akiha Shishido (flying the Starsylph) is available with Honoka Kawai (flying the Wygar) unlockable midway through the game and Itsuki Kannagi (flying the ARC-II-J1) upon completion (it won’;t take you too long, believe me). Subtle differences exist between the three girls (as well as obviously colour and appearance) with Shishida being more of an all rounder, Kannagi appearing faster but less powerful and Shishida being the reverse (more powerful but slower). Fortunately all three control well.

Three attacks are at the girls disposal: Shot, Bomb (a screen clearer but limited to three) and Change (that changes your girl to more of a mech firing multi directional but with less oomph). Power-ups include constant L’s (life meter boost), B’s (extra bombs) and a ton of high-score multiplications. The bosses aren’t huge (in-fact stage three has a midget boss!) but all are rather ace. The game maybe over very quickly but the difficulty curve soon rises from easy to bullet HELL! Picking up bombs alleviate helvete however.

Graphically and sonically; Sora Kake Girl is solid if not quite spectacular. Gameplay is however super fun in the short time it takes to beat the game but if treating unlocking all the Gallery as your main objective, then replay value is high (it is very replayable). Fans of the anime series and/or fans of shoot’em ups -yet who are shit at them- should act now and download Sora Kake Girl before it’s too late – AS OF WRITING THIS REVIEW YOU HAVE JUST SEVENTY TWO HOURS TO DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!


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